Visit to download the latest Blue Link Mobile App and turn your smartphone into a thing of brilliance. With its significant enhancements, this latest version of the app boasts a new user experience, faster navigation and innovative features, including Destination Search powered by Google™, as well as Vehicle Diagnostic information. You can also remotely lock and unlock the doors, activate your vehicle's horn or lights, and start the engine*, all directly from your smartphone.

From anywhere on the road, connect to Blue Link with a press of a button from inside your vehicle. Your Hyundai doubles as a technological command center able to guide you through your busy life. Access Blue Link through the navigation screen or by using your voice via rearview mirror button press. Some key features accessible in-vehicle include Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Destination Search Powered by Google™.

From the convenience of your desktop computer, laptop or web-enabled tablet, you can set up and gain access to a variety of Blue Link features. Included are the Monthly Vehicle Health Report, Maintenance Alert, Valet Alert, Geo-Fence, POI Web Search and Download, and more.

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* Remote Vehicle Start is only available for Push Button Start equipped vehicles with an Automatic Transmission or a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Not available on all models. Remote Climate Control available on properly equipped models with Fully Automatic Temperature Control.
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With Blue Link®, driving has never been safer, easier, more convenient or more fun. This innovative technology sends and receives messages to keep you well connected at all times. Access Blue Link through a smartphone, web application or in-car system to find a gas station or shortcut, lock or unlock your car remotely, call for help and much more.

Featuring Blue Link Connected Care1, America's Best Warranty, and Roadside Assistance programs, Blue Link keeps drivers protected and worry-free better than any program in the automotive industry.

Feature availability may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Refer to your Blue Link subscriber agreement for applicable features available for your Hyundai.
Automatic Collision Notification (ACN)3
SOS Emergency Assistance3
Monthly Vehicle Health Report
Service Link
Enhanced Roadside Assistance
Maintenance Reminder8
Recall Advisor8
Driving Information
On-Demand Diagnostics
Auto DTC Notification
Blue Link App4
Genesis Intelligence Assistant App5
Car Care App6
App Store Access7
3. Blue Link agents will contact existing emergency service responders. Only use Blue Link and corresponding devices when it is safe to do so.
4. App and app images are subject to change. App supports all Blue Link equipped Hyundai models.
5. App and app images are subject to change. App supports 2015 Genesis Sedan only.
6. App and app images are subject to change. Not available on all models. Vehicle must be in park to access the app.
7. Vehicle must be in park to download available in-vehicle apps. App availability will vary by model. Only use Blue Link and corresponding devices when it is safe to do so.
8. Not available on all models.
Remote Start9
Remote Start with Climate Control10
Remote Door Lock/Unlock11
Remote Horn & Lights
Stolen Vehicle Recovery12
Stolen Vehicle Slowdown
Vehicle Immobilization
Car Finder13
Alarm Notification
Speed Alert
Curfew Alert
Valet Alert
9. Remote Vehicle Start is only available for Push Button Start equipped vehicles with an Automatic Transmission or a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Not available on all models.
10. Remote Vehicle Start is only available for Push Button Start equipped vehicles with an Automatic Transmission or a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Not available on all models. Remote Climate Control available on properly equipped models with Fully Automatic Temperature Control.
11. After Blue Link unlocks the doors, they will remain unlocked for 30 seconds. This auto relock is desinged to enhance vehicle security by relocking the doors if the doors are not opened within 30 seconds.
12. This feature is subject to adequate cellular coverage, signal strength, and battery power, and only available in the 50 United States. You must be an active Blue Link subscriber or within the initial free trial period to receive Blue Link services.
13. Smartphone GPS location must be within 1-mile radius of vehicle's location to display searched location.
Destination Search powered by Google®
POI Web Search and Download
Turn-by-Turn Navigation14
14. Not available on all models.

While every Blue Link® package features technology to help make everyday life easier, some may be more important to you than others. Browse through each of our three options below and see which one is right for you. For more information on available features and pricing per package, please visit and select the specific vehicle you are interested in*. Sign up for more than a year and receive additional discounts. Visit Hub Hyundai West to learn more about current offers and promotions.

Standard on most new Hyundai vehicles, this comprehensive safety and car care package offers peace of mind. In the event of an accident, no matter where you are, trained operators are standing by to provide assistance and summon help.1
You can access the Blue Link features on your Hyundai quickly and easily via the web or smartphone app from virtually anywhere. This package makes everything, from locking your keys in the car to dealing with a stolen vehicle, more manageable.2
The Guidance Package is ideal for drivers who frequent new towns or are always looking for new local knowledge. This package provides more than just the quickest route to your destination, it provides drivers with Destination Search Powered by Google™.2
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Blue Link.
What is Blue Link? How do I sign up?
Blue Link is a dynamic and innovative connected car solution that combines safety, car care, remote functionality and infotainment into a complete package. It helps simplify the life of Hyundai owners and reduce distracted driving. Your local Hyundai Dealership can assist you in the enrollment process during your vehicle purchase or at any point in the future.
What Hyundai vehicles are equipped with Blue Link?
Blue Link launched on the 2012 Sonata and is currently available on most 2013-2015 Hyundai models with the exception of Accent.
What do the Blue Link buttons on my car's rear view mirror do?
The Blue Link button provides access to a voice-response menu of services. The center button is used for Enhanced Navigation services like Destination Search Powered by Google. Pressing the SOS button connects users with a live agent who can provide emergency assistance. A detailed list of voice-response commands are available in the Blue Link User's Manual.
Will Blue Link use my cellphone connection to provide me with safety, security and car care services?
Blue Link is an embedded system, which means that you will be able to use most of the features without the need to have your cell phone in the car. However, some functions are enhanced with your cell phone through the mobile application like remote features.
Why do I need to download the mobile app to my smartphone? Which app is right for me- Genesis Intelligent Assistant App or Blue Link App?
The mobile app connects Hyundai Blue Link subscribers to their vehicle via their smartphone. You will be able to execute remote features like Remote Start and have additional Blue Link content at your fingertips! The Genesis Intelligent Assistant App only supports the 2015 Genesis Sedan. However, all Blue Link equipped vehicles are supported by the Blue Link mobile app. A Blue Link subscription to the Remote Package is required to execute remote features.
What is Hyundai Blue Link Connected Care?
Blue Link Connected Care is a suite of safety and car care features providing Hyundai owners with services such as Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Monthly Vehicle Health Reports and Maintenance Alerts. All new Blue Link-equipped Hyundai vehicles will come standard with one year of Blue Link Connected Care. The service is fully transferable to subsequent owners within one year of the vehicle's date of first use. For further information regarding Blue Link Connected Care, please visit
How does Enhanced Roadside Assistance work?
Enhanced Roadside Assistance works in conjunction with your vehicle's Hyundai Assurance 24/7 Roadside Assistance coverage. GPS coordinates for your vehicle will be provided to the Blue Link Customer Care agent when making a Roadside Assistance call from inside the vehicle using the Blue Link button.
What is the Monthly Vehicle Health Report?
The Monthly Vehicle Health Report contains a comprehensive, straightforward diagnostic evaluation involving most aspects of your vehicle's performance. You can change the monthly delivery date by logging-in to
What do I do if I forget or want to update my PIN?
Log-in to MyHyundai and click on the Blue Link logo, select "UPDATE MY PIN". If you forget your PIN, contact 855-2-BlueLink (855-225-8354) and speak to a Blue Link Customer Care agent.
How do I contact a Blue Link representative?
If you have any questions about Blue Link, please call Blue Link Customer Care at (855) 225-8354 or send an email to

You can contact Blue Link as often as you like. For your convenience, you can contact one of our Blue Link Customer Care agents from the car by pressing the Blue Link button, from your smartphone mobile app or from
What packages does Blue Link offer and how much do they cost?
There are three Blue Link packages: Connected Care, Remote and Guidance.

The Connected Care Package comes with a complimentary one year trial for all new Blue Link equipped, Hyundai vehicles. A three month trial for Remote and Guidance is available when you sign up using your credit card. After the trial period is over, each package is available for $99/year. (Restrictions may apply based on your current vehicle.)

Connected Care is a comprehensive safety and car care package that offers peace of mind no matter where you are. Call Center agents are standing by 365 days, 24 hours a day to summon help or provide emergency assistance.

The Remote package gives you convenient access to features via the web or smarphone app. You can Remote Start your car, use Remote Climate Control (if equipped), unlock/lock your doors or locate your car when you forget where you parked it.

The Guidance Package provides more than just the quickest route to your destination. Destination Search powered by Google is perfect for those looking for new local knowledge.
Are there a la carte options for Blue Link services?
There are no a la carte options currently available; however, Blue Link is bundled in three, easy-to-use packages that offer extensive value for all users.
Do I need to use a credit card to enroll in a Blue Link trial offer?
A credit card is not required to enroll in the Blue Link Connected Care package. By signing up for auto-renewal with a credit card, you will ensure continued services after the complementary 1 year trial period comes to an end. The complimentary three month trial period of Remote and Guidance requires a credit card at time of enrollment.
How can I pay for my Blue Link subscription?
You can pay your Blue Link subscription with MasterCard, VISA, AMEX or Discover.
When and how much will my credit card be charged if I select auto-renewal?
Your credit card will be charged at the end of your complimentary trial period. As a courtesy, you will receive a timely reminder before your credit card is charged with the current Blue Link subscription rate. For package pricing, please refer to
Will my credit card be charged when I complete enrollment if I decide to purchase additional years of service?
Yes, your credit card will be charged at the end of the transaction when you sign up for additional years of Blue Link service beyond the complimentary trial period.
Why should I purchase additional years of service during my Blue Link enrollment?
Purchasing additional years of service during enrollment makes you eligible for discounted rates and provides you with the convenience of uninterrupted service. You can view the discount pricing during enrollment on
Can I demo the mobile app before enrolling in Blue Link?
Yes, anyone can demo the Blue Link App or Genesis Intelligent Assistant App prior to enrolling in Blue Link. Download the app to your smartphone and select the DEMO link to explore all the features that the mobile app has to offer.
How do I add my new Hyundai vehicle to my mobile app?
Download and log-in to your mobile app with your account credentials. Select your vehicle from the list and explore the full app functionality available for your model.
What smartphones are compatible with the mobile app?
Supported and compatible devices include: Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 plus. Android Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Epic 4G, Evo 4G, Thunderbolt 4G, HTC One, Droid Razr, Razr HD and Razr M. Your device performance will vary depending on operating software, service carrier and any user modifications (i.e., third-party operating software). Please check back often as the list of supported devices will change.
Is my vehicle equipped to perform Remote Start? How long will the engine idle during a Remote Start?
Your vehicle must be equipped with Push-Button Start AND Automatic Transmission or DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) to operate the Remote Start feature from the web or mobile app. The vehicle engine will idle for up to 10 minutes and automatically turn off if you do not enter the vehicle with the smart key fob.
How do I activate remote features like Remote Start or Remote Door Unlock using the mobile app?
You can activate remote features like Remote Start, Remote Door Lock/Unlock and Remote Horn & Lights with the Blue Link Mobile App or Genesis Intelligent Assistant App by selecting the desired feature from the Remote features section, followed by your 4 digit PIN. You will receive a notification once the feature is processed successfully or in case there is an error processing your request.

Note: See your Blue Link User's Manual for Remote Start requirements and Preconditions.
Why do the hazard lights flash on my vehicle when I use Remote Start?
The blinking lights are a visual indicator and precaution to you and others that the vehicle engine is running. The parking lights will blink until the vehicle is turned off or until you enter the vehicle with the smart key fob.
How do I cool or warm my vehicle's interior using Blue Link?
You can pre-set the temperature and fan speed before turning off the vehicle's engine. The next time you perform a Remote Start, your vehicle will begin to cool or warm the cabin based on the pre-set temperature and fan speed.

For select vehicles equipped with Fully Automatic Temperature Control, you can set the cabin temperature directly from the web or mobile app when executing a Remote Start.
Why would Remote Start not execute?
Preconditions for Remote Start are found in the Blue Link User's Manual and on Remember that the vehicle doors must be locked, security system armed, gearshift lever in Park (P) position and the vehicle must be located in an open area.
How does Stolen Vehicle Recovery work with local police to recover my vehicle?
If your Hyundai vehicle is stolen, file a stolen vehicle report with your local police department immediately. The Blue Link Customer Care agent will need a report number to help police find the location of your vehicle. Once your vehicle is located, local authorities will be dispatched to the scene and if still in motion, the agent will trigger a series of remote commands to ensure the vehicle comes to a complete stop and the engine becomes immobilized to ensure your vehicle is recovered safely.
What is Car Finder and how do you use this feature on my mobile app?
Car Finder allows you to find your vehicle on a map if you are within a 1-mile radius of your car. It also gives you the option to tag your vehicle's current location for future reference. To activate Car Finder via the mobile app, tap on the Map and select the Car Finder icon. Car Finder via the Genesis Intelligent Assistant App is available off the main menu. A Blue Link subscription to the Remote Package is required to use this feature.
How do I download apps available for my vehicle?
Select vehicles are equipped with the Blue Link Download Center. The Download Center is Hyundai's exclusive app store with the latest in-vehicle apps for Hyundai vehicles. In equipped vehicles, go to the Home Screen and access the "DOWNLOAD CENTER" from the "APPS" icon to download available apps for your vehicle.
Do I need an additional data plan to use or download in-vehicle apps?
No. Your active Blue Link subscription includes the data needed to download, update and run select in-vehicle applications. Some multimedia apps like Pandora will use your smartphone data to stream content.
Do vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi have "Hot Spot" mode?
At this time, vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities do not have a "Hot Spot" mode. Equipped vehicles will be able to connect to your home or dealership Wi-Fi network for the purpose of downloading and/or updating in-vehicle apps at faster speeds.
How do I change my notifications email or phone number?
For some vehicles, log-in to, select your vehicle and click on "UPDATE MY INFO". You can modify the notification email address and phone number at the bottom of this screen. Additional phone numbers can also be added.
Who is considered a Secondary Driver and how do I send them an invitation to share Blue Link?
A secondary driver can be someone who shares a Blue Link equipped vehicle with you. Depending on your vehicle, the primary Blue Link subscriber can send an invitation to a secondary driver via so they can have a full Blue Link experience by creating their own MyHyundai account and setting their own feature and notification preferences. To send a Secondary Driver invitation, log-in to and select Drivers from the Blue Link tab. For other vehicles, the primary driver can set up the secondary driver by logging into, clicking on the Blue Link logo selecting "UPDATE MY INFORMATION".
Where can I get a copy of the Blue Link User's Manual?
Log into, select your vehicle and navigate to the "Manuals & How To's" tab to find the Blue Link User's Manual. You can view or download a PDF-version of the User's Manual.
Where can I find the status of my subscription and package expiration date?
After you log into, you will be able to see the Blue Link subscription status and package expiration dates for each active vehicle next to the Blue Link logo on the top left hand side of the vehicle section. Additionally, from the Blue Link tab, select "BLUE LINK SUBSCRIPTION" for more details including renewal dates.
What kind of warranty coverage does Blue Link have?
Blue Link equipment is covered under the 5-Year/60,000-Mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Why am I receiving an error message when accessing the Blue Link pages in Safari?
When using Safari to access the Blue Link pages within, verify that the "Accept Cookies" setting is set to "Always". Below are sample instructions for the iPad:

1. Open Safari Settings
2. Select "Accept Cookies" menu
3. Change setting from "From Visited" or "Never" to "Always"
*Delayed availability.
1Blue Link Connected Care includes 1 year of the Blue Link Connected Care Package and requires an active Blue Link subscription. One year term starts from the new vehicle date of first use and is available for new vehicle purchases and leases based upon terms and conditions on the Blue Link subscription enrollment pages.
Only use Blue Link and corresponding devices when safe to do so. Cellular and GPS coverage is required. Blue Link is available on most new Hyundai vehicles. Features, specifications, and fees vary by subscription plan and are subject to change. For more on details and limitations, or your authorized Hyundai dealer.
2A credit card is required at the time of enrollment to receive the 3-month trial period and account must have a minimum of 3 months remaining for Connected Care package to receive the full 3-month trial. Limit of one trial period per enrolled customer, per vehicle.
Hyundai is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company. All rights reserved. ©2014 Hyundai Motor America.

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